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Made from 6mm MDF

This gorgeous Rabbit has been design for painting and decorating, it can be adorned with your own design flair using your Cricut machine to cut out vinyl lettering.

Once decorated the items should be glued together to form a block for displaying on a dresser or shelf.

Either way this baby announcement Rabbit will be well admired, it will grace the shelf of your baby's room for a long time to come.


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  • 175mm wide x 200 high
  • 4 piece - Rabbit and 3 half circles
  • 6mm MDF


Please allow 4 days for processing

Baby Announcement Rabbit

  • 50mm = 2 Inch

    100mm = 4 Inch

    150mm = 6 Inch

    200mm = 8 Inch

    255mm = 10 Inch

    305mm = 12 Inch


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