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Oracal 638

Removable Vinyl

Oracal 638 vinyl is a soft PVC film vinyl that was designed for the graphic and signage industries. It is a leading brand of self adhesive vinyl which is great for crafting use. The vinyl is 80 microns thick and features a polyacrylate adhesive which allows for temporary adhesion onto a variety of wall finishes and surfaces including: wall paper, painted drywall, glass, acrylic, paper, metal, glazed ceramics, card and smooth plastics. It is designed to be easily removable from most surfaces without leaving a residue.

This is perfect for cutting on most vinyl cutters and plotters including Cricut, Brother and Silhouette. The vinyl is supplied on a backing sheet and needs to be applied to the required surface with a clear self-adhesive transfer sheet. Once the design has been cut it will need to be weeded before the transfer sheet can be applied and the design can be transferred to its final surface.

This vinyl is indoor quality and has a life span of up to 2 years in outdoor settings, making it great for wall art in rental houses, temporary signage or use anywhere it will need to be removed without leaving a sticky residue. It can also be used for a variety of craft applications including: wall decoration, picture frames, mirrors, acrylic decoration, party and event decorations.

Please note that this vinyl is not suitable for use on mugs, tumblers and glasses. It is best to use a permanent vinyl for these.

This vinyl is designed for temporary applications with a short term life span. It not designed for use in outdoor settings. It is best to use permanent vinyl for these applications.

Do not over stretch the vinyl when applying as this can distort your design.

Applied Vinyl Life Span - Indoors

2 Years

It is advised that if vinyl is being applied to freshly painted or lacquered surfaces that the paint be allowed to properly cure / dry for 3 weeks before application, for best results. 

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