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These hooks are perfect for hanging your projects on the wall. They attach to your item by adding  small screw through the hole in the hook. The keyhole shaped notch slides easily over a nail, screw or picture hook on the wall. These hooks can also be attached to acrylic items with acrylic adhesive of super glue.


  • A set of 4 acrylic hanging hooks in various sizes, each with 1 screw hole
  • Perfect for hanging a variety of craft projects
  • Attach to the back of projects with 1 screw
  • Overall dimensions - Large hook: 17mm x 34mm
  • Overall dimensions - Medium hook: 13mm x 21mm
  • Overall dimensions - Small hook: 11mm x 22mm
  • Overall dimensions - Extra small hook: 9mm x 18mm

Single Screw Hooks - Set of 4

PriceFrom $0.40
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