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Sign mounts are great for a variety of projects. They screw into the wall and have a standoff section to allow acrylics to protrude away from the wall. There is a screw in cap which holds the acrylic firmly in place and allows for it to be easily removed if necessary. They are available in 2 sizes and 2 colours. There is a gloss black resin mount and a polished aluminium mount. Your acrylic will require an 11mm hole to accommodate the mount. The small mount will accommodate an acrylic thickness up to 4mm and the medium mount will accommodate and acrylic thickness of up to 8mm. These mounts are great for use on wall planners, house numbers, personalised signs and trophies.


  • 2 Colours available: Gloss black (Resin), Polished alumninium (Metal)
  • 2 Sizes available
  • Riser Dimensions: Small - 12mm x 15mm (d x h) , Medium - 15mm x 20mm (d x h)
  • Cap Dimensions: 12mm x 4mm (d x h) , Medium - 15mm x 5mm (d x h)
  • Mounts are sold individually

Sign Mounts

PriceFrom $4.50
  • Small Mount

    Max load per mount: 6 kg

    Max panel weight: 12 kg

    Max panel thickness: 4mm


    Medium Mount

    Max load per mount: 8 kg

    Max panel weight: 16 kg

    Max panel thickness: 8mm


    Acrylic Weight

    1.25kg per mm thickness per square metre


    Acrylic Weight Guide (610 x 1220mm panel)

    3mm = 2.7kg (approx weight)

    4.5mm = 4.2kg (approx weight)

    6mm = 5.4kg (approx weight)

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