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This grey Oracal applicator is perfect for applying a variety of self adhesive vinyls. It has a double sided design and is perfec for use on a variety of vinyls. The felt edge provides a soft yet firm surface for gentle application and is great for adhesive foils and metalised films that are suseptable to scratching. Use it to gently scrape over your transfer tape to adhere your design and give it another scrape to adhere the design to it's required surface. It has grooves to make it easy to hold and provide grip during use. It is a must for anyone working with vinyl and an essential tool in the process.


  • A grey plastic vinyl application tool with a soft felt edge
  • Great for use with metal films that scratch easily
  • Handy finger grooves for grip
  • A must for anyone working with metallised vinyl or adhesive foil
  • Perfect for transfering designs to transfer tape and surfaces

Oracal Felt Edge Vinyl Applicator

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