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This stunning set of 6 Monstera coasters will look devine on any coffee table or as part of a table setting. With their intricate cut out design they have that classy upmarket decor look and feel.


  • Made from 3mm acrylic
  • Home decor 
  • Great for weddings and functions
  • Supplied with a protective film which will need to be removed before use
  • Each coaster is 95mm x 95mm


Made to order for you - right here in our small workshop in Whitford, New Zealand

Monstera Coasters - pack of 6

PriceFrom $26.99
  • 50mm = 2 Inch

    100mm = 4 Inch

    150mm = 6 Inch

    200mm = 8 Inch

    255mm = 10 Inch

    305mm = 12 Inch


  • All acrylic blanks will be supplied with a protective film on both sides, with the exception of the mirror colours, these will only have a film on the usable mirror side.

    Protective films will need to be removed before the blank can be used.

    All coloured acrylics are a solid colour and have a gloss finish on both sides. (includes black and white)

    All mirror acrylics have a gloss mirror finish on 1 side and a grey back, just like a normal mirror.

    Frosted acrylic is clear with a gloss finish on 1 side and a slightly textured matte side on the other, which gives it the frosted glass look.

    Light Opal acrylic has a milky opaque look with a gloss finish on both sides.

    Glass Edge acrylic has a very slight green tint when viewed from the side, this is what makes it look just like real glass.

    Fluro acrylics have a see through neon colour tint and a gloss finish on both sides.

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