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These acrylic sample swatches are great for planning your projects. They allow you to see the exact colour and finish of the materials. They come in a neat pack and are perfect for showing a customer your colour range. Each sample has the colours name neatly engraved onto the front so they are easily identifiable for ordering.


The range includes the following colours:


Pastel Purple - 3mm, Pastel Pink - 3mm, Pastel Lavender, Pastel Blue - 3mm, Pastel Green - 3mm, Pastel Yellow - 3mm, Pastel Orange ,Iridescent Sparkle, Iridescent Stars, Iridescent Lines, Mermaid Shimmer, Fairy Floss Pearl, White Pearl, Starlight Shimmer, Neon Pink, Fluro Pink, Fluro Green, Okume Ply, Bamboo Natural, Bamboo Carbonised.

Acrylic Sample Swatches - Specialty Range

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