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These acrylic sample swatches are great for planning your projects. They allow you to see the exact colour and finish of the materials. They come in a neat pack and are perfect for showing a customer your colour range. Each sample has the colours name neatly engraved onto the front so they are easily identifiable for ordering.


The range includes the following colours:

SATIN 1 SIDE/GLOSS 1 SIDE = Bright pink (Barbie Pink), Hot pink, Baby Pink, Purple, Violet, Peach, Orange, Teal, Aqua, Yellow, Olive, Chocolate, Latte.

TRANSLUCENT (semi see through) Pink - 3mm, Purple - 3mm 

FROSTED (semi see through) Red Frosted - 3mm, Pink Frosted - 3mm, Purple Frosted - 3mm, Dark Blue Frosted - 3mm.

Acrylic Sample Swatches - New Range Satin/Gloss

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