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This cutout bauble ornament is great for hanging on the christmas tree. It has a fun simple design and a is sure to add some Christmas cheer. It can be personalised with a name or phrase and can be decorated with a variety of craft embellishments. Add a jumpring to hang the centre disc. Thread a ribbon or string through the hole at the top for easy hanging from the roof or on the Christmas tree. It is light weight so wont hang too heavy on your trees branches. A great addition to any festive setup or function.


  • An acrylic Christmas bauble decoration
  • Great for hanging on the Christmas tree
  • Hang a bunch from the roof for quick function decor
  • Personalise it with a name or phrase
  • Add a jumpring to hang the centre disc
  • Built in hole for easy hanging
  • Bauble Dimensions: 90mm


Jumprings not included

Acrylic Blank - Cutout Tassle Bauble Decoration

PriceFrom $2.15
  • 50mm = 2 Inch

    100mm = 4 Inch

    150mm = 6 Inch

    200mm = 8 Inch

    255mm = 10 Inch

    305mm = 12 Inch

  • All acrylic blanks will be supplied with a protective film on both sides, with the exception of the mirror colours, these will only have a film on the usable mirror side.

    Protective films will need to be removed before the blank can be used.

    All coloured acrylics are a solid colour and have a gloss finish on both sides. (includes black and white)

    All mirror acrylics have a gloss mirror finish on 1 side and a grey back, just like a normal mirror.

    Frosted acrylic is clear with a gloss finish on 1 side and a slightly textured matte side on the other, which gives it the frosted glass look.

    Light Opal acrylic has a milky opaque look with a gloss finish on both sides.

    Glass Edge acrylic has a very slight green tint when viewed from the side, this is what makes it look just like real glass.

    Fluro acrylics have a see through neon colour tint and a gloss finish on both sides.

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