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If you love to see a smile on your kid's dial then these are sure to please them, the bunny egg holder will take a kinder surprise size egg in it's belly.

The kits are made using our precision laser to make sure every cut is right to make this an easy kit to put together.


Decorate these with paint, embellishments 

  • 3 pieces - flat packed and clip easily together
  • 3mm Mdf - choose this option if you will be painting it
  • 3mm ply - has a lovely warm woodgrain 
  • 170mm x 93mm








Kinder Surprise Easter egg holder

  • 50mm = 2 Inch

    100mm = 4 Inch

    150mm = 6 Inch

    200mm = 8 Inch

    255mm = 10 Inch

    305mm = 12 Inch


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